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Where We Can Help.
We build shared experiences for events and conferences that give people that togetherness we seemed to have lost.  Our Bourbon Expert will lead the tasting and walk people through what they are tasting in some of the best Bourbons our Nation has to offer.  
Virtual Tasting Kit
We Can Lead the Tastings.
Virtual Tasting Studio
Have your tasting led by one our experts.  We are cocktail and bourbon people through and through and we like to share what we know.  We can build tasting events around which kit you choose and the specifics around your event.  Small or large groups, we can handle sharing what we know to help your attendees better understand what they are drinking.  
Custom Branding Package
We offer solutions to reinforce your branding through custom glassware, included promotional items, and branding on the packaging. 

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Custom branding packages for virtual tasting events
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